Block Head

The last time I was in New York my friend Michael was telling me, "Today at work I made a reference to Brancusi's The Kiss and everyone just looked back at me totally blank."  As they began searching on their phones, trying to put his remark in context he asked, "Do you not know Brancusi's Kiss?" and someone replied, "Oh, Michael, you know the most obscure things."

Toiling away in obscurity here as well, I made a new friend.  He reminded me a little of Brancusi's sculpture, though he is only half of that whole.  A quarter, really, as he's unable to press against a heady female from shoulder to foot.  He could kiss, I suppose, though honestly, he's far too timid.  It's more likely that he'd make a cerebral connection.  A quiet observer, he seems amused by our busy abode.  He is the second sculpture that I passed at first glance and circled back around to collect later.  Sort of the opposite of catch and release.  More satisfying, though.  I'd rather have him in the end than enjoy him for a while and have to let him go.

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