Progress Report

These silhouettes have rested against the wall of the overly-large powder room for the past two years.  I mentioned it to someone once and she said, "I didn't realize that wasn't where they were supposed to be." Yes, this can sometimes happen.  They remained, happily at home, after I painted the top portion of the wall (and ceiling, which you cannot see here.)

I showed my eldest, who is both creative and good at math (which I do find admirable, if annoying), the picture of the Greek key and asked him, "Do you think it will be hard?  I mean, for me.  Do you think it will be hard for me?"

He studied the image briefly, never pausing the back-and-forth, back-and-forth of his lacrosse stick and said, "I think that if you think it will be hard, it will be hard, but if you think it will be fun, it will be fun."  Which was an admirable perspective.  Still, slightly annoying.

So I started Sunday.  Because, hard or not, fun or not, it is nothing if I don't begin.

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