Sunday, January 27, 2013

We Are Winter

We have been getting together for dinner with three other families for a while now. There is a total of thirteen children and when they are all in attendance everyone has a friend present and there is truly nothing better than having a friend present.

It has worked out that each family's dinner lands in a different season and we are winter.  Winter is difficult for me, sun worshipper that I am, so this bit of manufactured warmth in the form of a house full of friends is nourishing.

I feel that the house is just starting to come together, is just starting to feel like mine, and a party always brings a burst of energy for the filling in.  I had originally painted this hallway a light blue and it never felt right.  Experimenting with colors for our bedroom doors I fell in love with this saddle-leather shade.  Not right for the doors, it seemed just the thing for the hallway, a bridge between our room and Bill's Calke Green study.

An old bench, one that had not even found a good home in the old house, held space here. The painting was my wedding present to Bill, and if it's not something that we would buy now, it reminds me of where we were when I was so much under the influence of other people.

I had seen this chest and it kept knocking on the back door of my consciousness.  Readying for the party I decided that it was, indeed a good idea.  When I went to buy it, it was out on approval with someone else and, I am embarrassed to say, I had a temper tantrum.  A small one, but a tantrum nonetheless.  I called a friend in full froth and as I was finally winding down I said, "I mean, I get that's it not a kidney," though I was behaving as if it were.

I just wanted the house to be pretty.  Just wanted to do a little less explaining and apologizing.  Just wanted things to be right for this crew that I like so well.  The shop called in the middle of one of the boy's basketball games to say the piece had come back; it hadn't worked for the other buyer.  A few friends said, "karma."  But I am not sure this cosmic kick-back is what my bad behavior earned and I am looking over my shoulder wondering what the universe might have in store.


Anonymous said...

Patricia, this is fantastic and such an inspiration. A nice blend of history and modern flair. Would you be willing to share the saddle-leather shade by chance? I currently have nearly a dozen swatches on a wall that just haven't quite gotten there... your chosen shade appears to have a bit more brown to it and might be just what the wall needs (vs the 10+ swatches of various Gump's yellow that currently grace it.) Thank you!

Karen Albert said...

Oh it is so difficult when we want things to be just so! Even though you have come so far along. I always want to snap my fingers or wave a magic wand.

Love the wall color and chest!

New 2013 Artists Series

Mrs. Blandings said...

Anon - I will, I promise. I am heading out of town and it may take me a couple of days to unearth the appropriate paint can.

MJH Design Arts said...

Hi Patricia, The hall is perfect. Don't worry about Karma, sometimes a temper tantrum is what we need and you certainly put your focus on the chest and it came scurrying over.

Quatorze said...

Stop looking over your shoulder. Seems you got the message about your tantrum loud and clear, and the universe front-loaded a reward to reinforce the lesson.

Anonymous said...

Just lovely. Especially provocative that one cannot see the light source that makes the painting, chest and hallway virtually GLOW. You don't need to watch your back, you probably were way overdue on that "temper tantrum" and, if you're like the rest of humanity, you likely bundled some other stuff unknowingly in with the frustration over the chest. Hope the evening turned out even better than you'd hoped.


Jayne said...

I love landscapes! WE love landscapes. As a couple, we always seem to gravitate towards them - maybe it harkens back to our beginning of looking together.

Ivy Lane said...

Funny how things just work out! I always say.."What shall be, shall be"!

Your home is so lovely!

Anonymous said... have done it again!!!! C.

Simply Grand said...

No, this isn't karma (not in a case in which you were apparently rewarded for self-perceived "bad behavior) but it was a reminder never to hesitate when you come across The Thing, even if, at the moment, you don't have the money, or the perfect spot for it, or whatever.

You just always have to believe that you will find the spot, or the money, and grab The Thing while you can, because if you pass it by--"for now"--waiting for the planets to align, when you came back it will be gone and you'll never walk past its would-have-been home without thinking of what you let slip through you fingers.

You got off with just a warning ticket this time, but next time you might not be so lucky. The chest and its setting are perfect.

linda said...

Beautiful vignette: glowing wall color, painting and chest- laughing at your temper tantrum story- I am sure you are too well behaved to have one! Love these posts of how your house comes together along with a story. Reminds me of a feature that one house magazine had years (decades?) ago- "Posts from Thornwillow Farm", if I remember.

home before dark said...

Loved the writing as always. The "full froth" made me laugh at loud. So true how our tastes change over the years. Your new home is looking you...time to name her!

TN Mimi said...

I like the painting! It all came together so well.

Angela Broderick Bedell said...

Beautiful! Can you tell where you found the chest?