Sunday, February 10, 2013

Be My Valentine

You can find my latest article in the Kansas City Star here.


pve design said...

So eloquently put.

mary said...

Hi Patricia, Thank you for the wonderful reminder. I'll be giving flowers to two ladies, 75 year-old twins who have been mocked by others in my crazy industry. Over the past few months both have revealed their hearts to me. Where others (and I experienced just a few months ago) see hard heartedness and huge control issues, their true selves are slowly being opened to me. There is so much love in each; hopefully the flowers will affirm their desire for growth. Isn't that what love is? A commitment to growth so as to really know the other that is each of us?
Love this post.
Happy Valentine's Day!

Annie said...

Hi from Chicago, Patricia, where it feels like flowers and spring might never come! I love the article.