Block by Block

I was in New York last week to visit friends and, well, be in New York which I think is always a good idea.  I made a point this trip to build in time to see the exhibits that I wanted to see as well as stroll through the Winter Antique Show and fly through the gift show.

I am relentlessly curious about creative process and the Inventing Abstraction exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art scratched my itch.  I've noticed that in the ever-burgeoning world of blogging (a world that has been incredibly good to me) that sometimes people imply that visiting with designers is some kind of rare and remarkable feat, but my experience has been that decorators don't see themselves as celebrities and are only too happy to talk with someone who is interested in their work.

Unfortunately, Picasso, Albers and Delaunay are not available for brain picking, but this exhibit explores their process and the evolution of the movement in a way that made me feel as if they were.

If you are in New York during the exhibit (through April 15th) I would recommend it.  Beyond that, you might want to take a moment to watch a few videos on the site, which, if you're anything like me, will make you want to start your own salon.  Like, tomorrow.

Images, above, via  The image top is a graphic of the artists' connections; the next is Theo Van Doesburg's evolving studies of a cow and one of the resulting paintings, Composition VIII, (The Cow), which made my head explode just a little bit right on the spot.