Story Time

I love magazines.  Magazines have played match-maker between me and product for years and if you think it's nothing more than an unhealthy pusher-addict relationship, well it's not.  (Though I did have a conversation with a friend recently as we both described the familiar rush of getting something good and we were flushed and animated describing the feeling as our breakfast companion looked on in dismay.)

Addictions aside, the February issue of House Beautiful sent me to the keyboard clicking last week to check out Sara Story's line of wallpaper.  It didn't take long to email an image to Bill for our eldest's bathroom (a nudge to a small, but stalled project.)  Hatch, above, strikes just the right note and allows me to use Hadley's Trixie for the basement bathroom alleviating my concern about wanting it for both.

Having checked a boy's need off the list (though, honestly, he has no care of wallpaper) I clicked a little more.  There is a nook in my kitchen by the backdoor.  A nook that holds the pantry with its dry goods and leashes. A nook that holds the chalkboard with its invitations and schedules.  A nook where there is usually a large puddle on the floor where someone has upset Rosie's bowl and left the water to dry in the sun that comes in through the window.  I often think that for a space I have to visit so regularly it could offer a little more joy.  That in the midst of all of its usefulness, it could provide a lift.    

What could be more charming when scrounging for cereal or clipping the lead or turning the lock than finding Story's Kimono or Dragon?  Right now I can think of nothing more delightful than these combinations of red and yellow and green.

All images used without permission, but with good intent, from Sara Story Design.  The papers are available through Holland & Sherry.