At the Beach

We invited the sun to lunch, but he politely declined.  We thought he might be in the haze of a hangover, but didn't ask.  The pelicans arrived in his stead, bringing their own fish.  They haven't been here before, but we'll be sure to ask them next year.  They are lively and entertaining and ask nothing of us so it would be nice to see them again.

Though they say they are not, the pelicans are friends with the gulls who often tag along uninvited.  They are much too chatty and sometimes rude and did not seem to realize we had had enough of their company.  We asked if they had seen the dolphin, but they hedged an answer. We figured he was either too shy or, perhaps, reluctant to commit.

Two sailboats drifted at the horizon too far away to see us wave.

We've been away from town and I have been away from here, but we are back and so am I, I think.  We'll see how the week unfolds.