#swag, #YOLO

The rattan valise or Chinese lunchbox or clearly most charming thing ever arrived last week.  It was the only item that I purchased on our vacation other than food and newspapers.  From a high shelf in one of my favorite shops, she winked at me and I did think we had a lot in common.  Bill and the boys agreed, "You have to get it," they cheered.  So I did.

She arrived by post and the newly-teenaged middle boy had to wait while I rescued her from the box.

     "This is so silly.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with it," I confessed as I pulled it from the popcorn.

     "Do you love it?" he asked.

     "I do," I admitted, sliding the pin from the latch and opening it to peek inside.

     "Are you going to Instagram it?" he teased.  "Hash tag 'swag,' hash tag 'YOLO'?"

     I looked up, "YOLO?"

     "Mom," he rolled his eyes letting me know how truly hopeless I am, "You only live once."


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