Book Week - Heirloom Modern

It's sometimes easy, especially in the on-line world, to be foggy on the concept of friendship.  I'm "friends" with over one thousand people on Facebook, though I interact with a couple of dozen people whom I actually know.  People whose food aversions are familiar, whose mental and emotional land mines have been well-charted and whose ability to make me laugh with a timely look is unfailing.

A few years ago, in an effort to say "thank you" to some of these folks who had been especially kind to Mrs. Blandings, I planned a cocktail party during one of my New York visits.  In an unsurprising but incredibly generous move, my big city friend offered to host it.

It was a terrific crew and the people who were there are still the people I see when I am in the city.  In the crowd were Jean Sagendorph, Hollister and Porter Hovey and, of course, my big city friend, David Epstein.

Hollister and Porter were blogging and working and Jean was toiling as a book agent at a large firm.  David was, and still is, being fantastic.  In any event, some sort of magic was sparked.

The result of which is a really terrific book written by Hollister with pictures by Porter, including both homes of my friend David.  Jean, now on her own, stirred the pot.  Heirloom Modern is an incredibly personal book about people who have filled their homes with the treasures of their pasts.  Fresh and lively it will inspire you to rummage cupboards and live with the things that mean the most.

You can find Heirloom Modern here and, I happen to know, at Rainy Day Books in Fairway.  Kansas Citians, please mark your calendars for a book signing June 1st at Anthropologie on the Plaza from noon until two.

All images, Porter Hovey.