Book Week - The Welcoming House

I am playing catch-up on all the things that I have shoved to the back burner for the last couple of weeks.  My desk, which is organized, though only in a way that I can see, is piled with, well, piles.

One stack has offered respite from the rush of practices and projects.  It's spring book season and I've been the happy recipient of quite a selection.

A particularly lovely choice, one that offers an escape from the sometimes all to unpleasant real world, is The Welcoming House.

Charlotte-based designers, Jane Schwab and Cindy Smith have collected some of their prettiest rooms for their new book.  Both of these women have entertained me in their homes and I have rarely been so well cared for; welcome is an understatement. 

If you are delighted by pretty spaces you will find loads of inspiration here.  Beyond that, the book is chocked full of practical advice for houses that hold children and dogs.  You know, houses that are really lived in.

You can find The Welcoming House here and tour information here.

All images Laura Resen.

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