MMc-y D

I stopped in my Schumacher showroom yesterday to order fabric for...wait for dining room curtains.  After living the entire ten years in my old house in a state of indecision, I swore that in this house I'd pull the trigger and let the chips fall where they may.

None of these images has anything to do with my dining room curtains. (I keep saying it, did you notice?  The thrill of anticipation.)  These fabrics are from the fantastic new collection by Mary McDonald for Schumacher.

The rep was in the showroom and let me rifle through her samples.  The line is gorgeous, particularly the chinoiserie panel, top, which has the most terrific hand.

The trim offerings are impressive as well - this medallion being a personal favorite.  You can view the entire collection here.

As always, I received no compensation for this post. In fact, in a way, it cost me the money I spent on fabric for my...dining room curtains. Not really.  I just wanted to say it one more time.