Tuesday, June 18, 2013

In Good Company

Clicking around somewhere a few months ago I stumbled on KC Co., this great little leather goods company here in town.  At the time I was looking for a spring watch band and I thought their unfinished products were pretty terrif.

I like their guy vibe as most of my clothes and some of my accessories could easily come from the men's side of the aisle.

Though they like girls, too.

They show these great shots on facebook of the products after different stages of wear. The piece above is technically a dop kit, but I think it would make a fantastic clutch with plenty of room for keys, lipstick, phone and personality.  Imagine the mark your hand would make, dark and shiny where your thumb slid just next to the knot and the rest of your fingers curled around the back.  Heaven.

KC Co. here.


marsha cannon said...

I adore the dop kit and think I will have to own it! Beautiful post!

PattyM said...

I just checked out their website. Limited offerings but they are all beautiful. I love vegetable tanned leather like this. It gets darker with age and develops a great patina (when did that word become so overused?)

Karen Albert said...

Patricia thank you for the tip as I was not aware of this company!

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