Tile and the World Tiles with You

Putting off painting a dresser last Sunday I lingered long over the New York Time's T Magazine.  I was enchanted that a "rogue cowlick" is considered stylish as my youngest is ensured to be haute with no effort at all.  Enchanted, too, by the piece on Andre Dubreuil and his family's chateau.  A man who displays his porcelain around his bathtub because it "looks nice there" is a man after my heart.

But it is the tile, too, that is so engaging.  So lively and cheerful and chatty.  It steps right up and sticks out its hand and says "Hello!" rather than fading into the background and being, well, background.  And white (bread.)

And as my new tag line is "If Someone Can Do It, I Can Do It" I'm wondering how difficult it would be to tile....something.  An as yet undetermined something that needs some waking up.  Some pep.  Which could be me, I suppose, as I spent hours putting off the simple task of painting a dresser. Heaven knows I have parts that could use some clever covering up.

Do read the piece on Dubreuil here if you missed the New York Times on Sunday.  Image, top, photography Martin Morrell; production Gay Gassmann.  Center is, of course, Tom Scheerer again from his book Tom Scheerer Decorates; photography Francesco Lagnese.  The image, last, is Michael S. Smith from his book Elements of Style, which originally appeared in Elle Decor; photography Henry Bourne.