Home Work

2013 was a year of transition.  I've made some changes and I'm not sure how much I will share about them here, but I have bought a new house.  Moved, in fact.  And this new space, my new space, has made me think about home in a different way yet again.  

After several years of blogging, going through magazines and hunting on-line had become something that seemed like homework.  Homework has a negative connotation, I think.  Not something you do from a joy of learning, but as assignment.  Work to please someone else.  Often with little sense of personal passion.   

But now those activities are, again, a joy.  I linger over favorite books seeing familiar rooms in a different way.  I flip through magazines and, as I used to, tear wildly, unconcerned with sharp edges and the keeping of attribution.  (Though giving credit where credit is due is still important to me.)  And the magazines, which I had begun to keep as library, I recycle when they've given me what they have to offer.  If there was something I missed, I trust that it will come back to me eventually on a different page.

My last house was shot for Spaces and as soon as I am a little more settled I will post those images.  In the meantime, I'm taking pictures of the painting and arranging I'm doing here.  I think I'll post them, in all their unprofessional, fuzzy, iPhone glory.  Probably irregularly.  And you can weigh in, if you like. But I will tell you that I care less for others' opinions than I used to, so don't be offended if I smile politely and nod and do what I was thinking anyway.  This is how I choose to begin.