I am continually in awe of people's generosity as I go poking about in shops and homes and minds for the bits of stuff that make up this space and the others that I fill with my words.  "Come by." "Look at this." "Did you know…" all offered up so easily and it delights me every time.  No more so than when someone offers to loan me a book.  Books mean something to me and I'm happy to loan mine, though I don't forget if one is not returned.  But this one, offered so off-handedly, then delivered with these slips of what I believe to be an envelope marking favorite pages of the owner's, has charmed me so completely that I truly want to "forget" to return it.  I will return it, of course, but snapped this image instead to remind myself of the people who find passion in design every single day and are so happy to share it with me.