Wrap It Up

It was warm.  It was warm for few days and I was not fool enough to think that it would last, but secretly I hoped that it would.  I envy you for whom it is always 75 and sunny, but it's not my fate.  Not my place.  So I adapt.  And wrap.  Lately, this travel wrap from Mer Sea is my constant companion.  She's chic and dramatic looking while being incredibly low maintenance.  A perfect friend.  Not only is she keeping me cozy now, I do think she'll be happy to tag along and keep me company on cool Spring evenings and airplanes headed East.

I purchased mine directly from Mer Sea, but you can find them in Kansas City at O'Home and a few other spots around town.  They are incredibly reasonable ($100 on line) and you can toss them in both washing machine and dryer.  I worried that this convenience would mean they'd have that unfortunate non-natural-fiber shine.  They do not.  Loads of colors.  Here.

I received nothing from Mer Sea for this post, other than a little good will, I assume.