Into the Fold

I met St. Louis antique dealer, Rick Ege, a few years ago while I was in Chicago.  He's charming and his wares are terrific.  We are not friends, as we haven't had enough opportunity to be, but we are friendly and are connected on Facebook.  

One day he loaded an image that included a Chinese rice server that I found irresistible.  Yellow!  Plums! Bats! What could be better?

"It's been damaged on the inside and has had some repair," he told me.  He was wary, perhaps that that sort of thing would matter.

I didn't pause.  "Yes, well, haven't we all? She'll be in good company.  Wrap her up," I replied.

She arrived by friendly transport last week.  She hasn't missed a beat, just settled in among the rest of the rusted and the dinged.  She smiles at me from atop my mother's desk in the kitchen and doesn't mind a bit when I sing Zac Brown off key.

If you in St. Louis, do stop by and say "hello" to Rick.  If not, you can visit his site here or see him at the Chicago Botanical Antique Show from April 11 - 13.