Old and Nu Together

Last week the youngest boys were away with their father and the oldest stayed here with me.  He is a senior in high school this year and our relationship is shifting.  He has been a breeze to raise.  Everyone should be so lucky to get such a gentle introduction to parenthood.  Even as we butt heads he disarms me with an easy humor that is somewhat irresistible.

The other morning as I was working upstairs, I heard the slam of the screen door and thought he had left the house.  I skipped down the stairs, brow furrowed, with sharp words forming.  Before I reached the door he was coming back in.

"I thought you left without saying goodbye," I said.

He laughed and shook his head.  "Would you relax? You're usually on the porch in the morning.  I wouldn't leave without saying 'good-bye.' I'm going to work."

He gave me a sideways hug, as he usually does, and was out the door.

Would I relax? No one is more bothered by my uptightness than I, and I was reminded again how I felt it drop away when I was in France.

If living there is something I must wait for, then I will find as many pieces of that life as I can here.  So lucky, then, to be friends with Trish Headley.  She's just received her shipment from a three-week buying trip in Europe and let me run by her shop, Nufangle, and take a peek and live vicariously on the stories of her travels.

You can do the same at her open house:

Nufangle Antiques
45th & State Line Antique District
Saturday, August 2nd
2pm - 8pm
816-931-0021 for questions

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