Friday, August 8, 2014

House Diary

I am going to be contributing to Elle Decor on-line on the decoration - or my mental gymnastics on decoration - of my new house.  You can find the first piece on what to do yourself and when to hire a professional at here.


Joni Webb said...

Mrs. B - WOW!!!!! love love love omg! finally. we get a look.

linda said...

Cannot wait - my very favorite posts were your decoration of Dream House 1.0 ( especially the saga of your jewel box dining room - I always loved the Billy Baldwin-esque brown tortoise finish)
-Linda, NY

kenju said...

Good advice and I enjoyed reading it. That page wouldn't let me comment. I look forward to more posts.

Vava (aka Virginia) said...

Great article….it's always a delight to read Mrs. B!!! Excited to walk through your house-journey with you!

Art by Karena said...

Patricia I truly enjoyed this article, partly because it reminded me of the days when, in my first home in Westwood, I loved to paint, even the ceilings. There was something so gratifying about it! Even then I did have the sense to, like you, have the wood floors refinished. Their beauty was well worth the cost!

The Arts by Karena

tc said...

So terrific to see your living room and an exterior shot of your own. Even better to listen to you tell a story--your writing paints a great picture, as always, but also your practical advice is spot on. Looking forward to hearing more.

LPC said...

Such. Good. News.

penelopebianchi said...

Great post! Lucky Elle Decor!!

And I love love love your living room!

Ryan said...

I love seeing photos of your new home! It is beautiful!

What is the maker the pair of blue chairs with the wide white stripe? We are looking for something exactly that shape for our living room!

Thank you!

Ryan from Boston