American Girl

I've been back from Paris for a couple of days and I hate to admit that the jet lag keeps washing over me in waves.  It was a great trip and there are stories to tell, but I wanted to give a shout out to Baldwin Denim first thing.

I love jeans.  I grew up in jeans.  I live in jeans.  It makes more sense for me to buy better denim as I spend more time in it than anything else.  I have a pair of Baldwin Denim that makes people ask, "What jeans are those?" every time I have them on. I bought the black Rivingtons before I left and have worn them non-stop since.  They fit great, are super-flattering (as Baldwin is) and are as comfortable as leggings. Seriously.  It's not a new model, but a new manufacturer and they are divine.  I was true-to-size, if that helps you at all with on-line ordering. (I don't see black on the site, but they are in the stores, so give them a ring if that is what your wardrobe is missing.)

I'm wearing them now as I drink coffee and eat chocolate and try and get my life back in order.  Posts to follow.

As always, I was not compensated in any way for this endorsement.