Too, Too

Before the holidays, the boys had trouble coming up with things that they wanted for Christmas.

This generated equal parts relief and concern.  I was relieved that they were not greedy, and concerned that this might be because they have too much already.  Concerned, also, as I wanted to get them a few things - nothing extravagant - but something personal and festive.

Almost coincidentally, they each ended up with a piece of art and something silly for his room.  It's what I want to buy, of course - things for their rooms - rather than electronics or soccer jerseys.  But no one knows more than I how difficult it can be to give something personal.  (It's a contradiction, in fact, isn't it?)

For this reason they are happier than their grandparents want them to be receiving cash and gift cards.  They'd rather buy what they want themselves.  If you have a little bit of that in you as well, you might want to spend your holiday stash on Heart and Home: Rooms that Tell Stories.  The homes that are featured are highly personal and beautifully curated.  Seeing these homes makes you think you know their inhabitants a little better; reading the text confirms this is so.

If you ended up with a little extra jingle - or feel you simply deserve a self-indulgent treat - you can find Heart and Home; Rooms that Tell Stories here.

Images, top, the home of Ray Azoulay, photography Laura Hull; following two, the home of Kate Hume, photography Frans van der Heyden; bottom, the Miami home of Gene Meyer and Frank de Biasi, photography Mark Roskams.