Off the Rack - Lee Stanton

I was delighted to see Los Angeles antique dealer, Lee Stanton's, condo in the March issue of Elle Decor.  His shop courtyard became my home away from home one of the days I was there for Legends of La Cienega a couple of years ago. I was equally enchanted by Stanton's warm and easy personal style and his aesthetic.

Distinctly masculine, he never dips to kitsch.  I was struck, as I walked slowly through his shop, how much his taste reminds me of Christopher Filley's, one of my hometown favorites.

You can find more images from the Elle Decor feature on Stanton's blog here.  Once you stop in, do click around.  He posts lovely pictures of his vignettes and thoughts on his travels around town, around the web and around the world.

Two images, top, Elle Decor, March 2015, styled by Robert Rufino, photography Bjorn Wallander.  Image bottom, Lee Stanton.