Time to Medicate

It's foolish, really, to be so bothered by the weather.  When I complained about the cold as a girl my best friend would say, "You just have to let it wash over you." But my heat-seeking mind and body find that waves wash over, while cold is always a brutal assault.

Even as I typed, "I'm having serious trouble with this weather.  Like 'red rum' trouble," to a friend yesterday, I recognized my shortsightedness.  50's and sunny by the end of the week.  Florida coming into view on my calendar.

And then today there was a breath of spring in my in-box.  Green and black and white is one of my favorite combinations and my sofa pillows are so tired. (Dexter and Rosie and I am looking at you.) What could be more harmless than using bold and graphic fabric to assuage the final assault of winter?

New pillows from Angela Adams can be found on her site here.