Just a Shade to the Right of Fantastic

After my noodling around about drawing on lampshades instead of walls for a change, Temo Callahan emailed to say, "You must see the painted shades done by that kid George Venson. Divine!"

Mr. Callahan knows a thing or two about these sorts of things, so I quickly clicked over.  I spent more time than I care to admit (on more than one occasion) on Mr. Venson's site, Voutsa, but I cannot discourage you from doing the same as it is, beyond product, something of a keyhole view into the artist's creative process.  

Perhaps not everyone is interested in such things, but I can't imagine why one wouldn't be.  Venson's site is an explosion of color and creativity. If it doesn't make you want to break out a paint brush, I don't know what would.  (He'd probably like it better if you'd just buy one of his pieces, and I can't discourage that, either.)

I've grabbed a few of my favorites to show you here, but there are more as well as wallpaper and a clothing collection.  

If you're smart, you'll unwrap your PB&J and have your lunch there.  If you have a little more flexibility, you can find George Venson and his wonderful products at Maison & Objet in Miami through tomorrow (Hall C 327) or at ICFF in New York May 16-19 (Level 1, 0959.) He's on-line here (I signed up for the newsletter; what joy to receive an email filling me in on his latest adventures.) And you can see his collaboration with Printworks here.