Artful Dodger

We're having more noon gloom than June gloom here in Kansas City.  Yesterday a friend texted at 4:30 saying, "Does it seem like it's getting dark already?" Still, there's no reason to give in to it - better to seek a little sunshine.

I've gone back again and again to Los Angeles art dealer, Maggie Kayne's, modern home for inspiration.  The Architectural Digest feature produced by Mayer Rus is the freshest thing I've seen on paper or screen for a long time.  Architectural pedigree? Sure. Iconic furniture design? Yes.  Bold and arresting art? Of course.  But there's something fresh and remarkably un-decoratory about her home.  It seems so personal.  It reminds me of House & Garden.  Okay, when one starts to get nostalgic about magazines, it's time to sign off.

You can see the entire feature here.

Image, Architectural Digest, December 2015.  Photography Douglas Friedman, produced by Mayer Rus, styled by Michael Reynolds.