Bracelets I Cannot Afford

Bracelets I Cannot Afford is an on-going and irregular series of what are usually large and chunky things I would like to have wrapped around my wrist.  Last night I attended a very lovely cocktail party at Tivol (beautifully and deliciously catered by Jo Marie Scaglia) featuring the work of Marco Bicego.  Bicego's pieces are lively and undeniably wearable.  The cases were two and three people deep.  I'll work a little harder when it comes to jewelry and I did nudge my way in to see the wares.  There were lots of pretty things, but it was this bold and graphic bracelet that I circled to see three times.  Perhaps the article on Flora Crockett was still bouncing around my brain, but I wanted nothing more than to feel the links against my skin as the colorful stones winked back, reassuring me that the universe is often random and irregularity has its own appeal.