It's bracelets, really, that I cannot resist.  In fact, I recently took a pendant in to be put on a longer chain in the hope that I would wear it, but just last night as I was taking off my jewelry I thought, "Folly.  The only thing to be done is to make a bracelet."

But then as I was in bed, down comforter tucked under my arms and spirit braced against the unrelenting rain, I flipped through Bazaar and came across this.  The Tiffany & Co. by Schlumberger Tulip necklace is articulated.  This twist of ribbon and blooms, bows and bugs would rest just over your collar bone, not stiff but fluid, the diamonds winking as you leaned in to hear his clever remark at the obligatory dinner. I can't remember the last time I saw anything as lovely or graceful. This necklace alone would make me leave the bracelets in the drawer.

My apologies to Bazaar.  I'd love to link the remarkable image of this necklace on the lovely pale blue background with the stunning white French tulips and their rich, green leaves, but I cannot find it on your site.