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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Progress Report

We are in flux.  I'm offering a quick update on Dexter.  He is big.  In fact, the boys are delighted as I call him a "big galoot" ("galute" is also an accepted spelling) and they think I have made up this word.  Dexter, in his current state, could inspire the creation of the word "galoot."  He lumbers and lopes (when he is not running and leaping) and often bumps into things.  He is ten months and Bill keeps saying, "I think he's finished growing," but his feet still seem too large for his (big) body and his ears are overly floppy, often backwards as a result of exuberance.  I used to hold him while I worked and he doesn't seem to realize that he's rather outgrown this.  He drapes himself across my lap and rests his chin on my desk.   Remember, he was the runt.  I adore him.  He is soulful and I feel sure that he will be a noble beast.  Currently, in flux.

The chairs are back, but I have ordered a round table and now it needs a cloth.  Flux.

I've made progress on the hallway, but still have about half of this stretch to finish.  Flux.

And I am adding lamps here and there, though there is still a cavernous dark spot in the back of the living room.  Every time we entertain I drag lamps from the bedroom in there and think, "By the next dinner...."  These are for the hall and await their shades.  Flux.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Domestic Safari

As marvelous as Margot?

As spectacular as Spade?

We should all be so lucky.  But, hey!  You can be lucky!  Even if you don't have the right spot for Scalamandre's Zebras wallpaper (really, how could you not have a spot?) you can surround yourself with this wonderful pattern on a rainy day.

I am giving away two Scalamandre umbrellas.  Both are generously sized (fit for a downpour); the yellow is a full size golf umbrella and the black is retractable.  Here's the gig:

Leave a comment on the blog (below the post) telling me which umbrella you'd prefer (you have to choose.)  No emails (I can barely tell if my children have bathed or have just been swimming; I need to keep it easy.)

Your comment needs to include contact information or link to a blogger account with an email.  (It's no fun to win if I can't find you.)

And, let's keep this in the continental U.S.  

The upside is that I will pick two winners Friday and you will have your super cute umbrella by Fall!

Perhaps we have taken too many pictures of Dexter, who, when the camera appeared, moved right in front of me and sat down.  He's a ham.  When he is not being the devil.  While he is only five months, he is nearly as tall as Rosie, who seems to like him even when he is chewing on her ears.

Friday, June 10, 2011

New Addition

Dexter Shackelford
Born: March 16, 2011
Time: Long past due
Weight: Unknown, though he can eat it in puppy chow

We have all been wanting another Boxer for a long time, but the move (and pure fear) had held us up.  Our next-door neighbors have three dogs and it was actually Rosie's longing at the fence that sent us in search of a new dog.

As with all older siblings, we are telling her that we brought Dexter into our family for her.  She is skeptical, but tolerant.

He's a pain, of course, as all puppies are pains, but also adorable, as all puppies are adorable.  He's all the things that Mr. Blandings remembered as "not that bad."  Up early.  Chewy.  Unhousebroken.  An added bonus is his kicking his bowl around the kitchen when it is empty and he feels it shouldn't be.  And he's incredibly soft, pounces on blowing leaves and sleeps under my chair when I'm working.

The inside of his ears are like the palest pink satin and his coat is the silk tiger velvet that I will never have.  The youngest named him after the Dexter of Dexter's Laboratory and not the mild-mannered serial killer, though he may have qualities of both.  I might have forgotten to mention to Mr. B that his mother weighed sixty pounds and his father eighty, so don't tell him if you see him.  We will just let that part be a surprise.