Cooper's Town

Many years ago, when I was a "young married," I stumbled into Suzanne Cooper's shop. I quietly looked around. She was pleasant and helpful and I ended up buying two French hand-colored engravings.

I've gone back and back and back. Suzanne's eye is unfailing and she has a passion for English furniture. Brown wood as it is sometimes known.

The kind of education Suzanne has given me is invaluable. She's pulled out drawers, showed me how to identify replaced pulls, explained and identified original finishes and why they matter.

She's not allowed me to buy many more things than she has allowed me to buy because she didn't think they were right for me.

And, she has learned a little bit more about the internet in order to read my blog, not because she understood it at first, but because she knew it was important to me. She even made me a "favorite."

Suzanne received a new shipment last week and she is throwing her door open today.

The exchange rate is awful, shipping a fright and customs is an increasingly difficult endeavor.

Nearly every time I stop in to see Suzanne she tells me this could be the last year, the last shipment.

I hold my breath and cross my fingers that she, and my other favorites, will continue to love what they do just enough. I keep promising her that all that brown wood will be in vogue again soon, and while she is skeptical, the dealers in England told her the same thing on this last trip.

It's an excellent time to buy as prices are so reasonable, here at least.

Stop in and see Suzanne and her wonderful things at 1715 W. 45th Street in the State Line Antique District.

Maybe you will get lucky and Suzanne will let you take something home. I had a good day. This pair of Chinoiserie mirrors are likely new inhabitants of the Dream House dining room. Sometimes it helps to keep your fingers crossed.