Welcome Home, Mrs. Spade

Many of you have seen these images before.  Kate and Andy Spade's apartment in New York has become a bit iconic in the blog world.  (If folks who are immersed in technology are "techies" are those of us well versed in decor "deccies?"  You decide.)

Originally featured in World of Interiors, Kansas City's own design magazine, Spaces, acquired the rights to showcase them in the September Fashion issue.

In case you didn't know, Mrs. Spade is a native.  I know a few folks who call her Katie.  I actually lived on the same floor as her sister our freshman year at KU.  She and her roommate ditched the standard issue twin beds and brought in bunk beds to give them more room.  It also provided easy access to the ceiling which they proceeded to turn into something of an inspiration board.  Needless-to-say, I do not refer to the designer as "Katie" and her sister was far too cool to remember the likes of me.

Judith Fertig, a regular contributor to Spaces, wrote the engaging text that accompanies the stunning images.  

It's probably best I never meet Mrs. Spade myself.  I fear I would follow her around like a cloying wanna-be saying things like, "I adore your glossy, black interior doors.  You know, the doors in my hallway are black." or "We have so much in common!  Did I mention my kitchen is green and black and white, too."  Or worse, "Fab wallpaper in the bath; I just silver leafed vines on my sitting room walls, you should drop in to see."

Naturally, I would go on and on about Ted Muehling and his unbelievable candlesticks.

I missed the World of Interiors issue, so I am glad to have these images on paper, safely in my file in my desk.  In it's own yellow and white striped folder labeled "Katie" in black ink.

The September issue is on newsstands in town now.  If you are not in Kansas City and would like to get your hands on this issue, and you don't subscribe, you can email Spaces distribution manager at fkronschnabel@kcstar.com  to obtain a copy for $6.  

But you do subscribe, right?