Enduring Style - House of Beauty and Culture

Every day I stop into the House of Beauty and Culture for both his sense of design and his sense of humor.  HOBAC has a very sophisticated aesthetic.  And a jaded point of view.  He defines himself in his profile as being, "In search of the unusual in a world that is becoming increasingly and frighteningly homogenised."  Searching.  Becoming, but not done.  That seems optimistic to me.  

"Unless there is a cataclysmic shift in the collective consciousness, I don't think that legendary rooms are any longer possible.

People now are too transitory and conformist, and readily influenced by the culture of the mass market.

However, if one had to choose a legendary decorator I would choose Miles Redd. Given the right clients, he will be his generation's equivalent of Parish Hadley."

This response made me go back to Redd's portfolio and look again.  And again.  

Pop back in this afternoon for thoughts from Magnaverde.

All images courtesy of Miles Redd.  Facade of Redd's townhouse, top, designed in conjunction with Gil Schafer.