It's All Here in Black and White

I was visiting with a friend recently and she mentioned that she'd like to update a traditional room. Make it a little fresher. A little younger. At the same time, she didn't want it to look trendy or trying-too-hard.

I've always like the use of architectural prints.

Clean. Crisp. Graphic.

But I suggested using photographs instead. To give it a little bit of an edge. I wonder if that is what Bruno de Caumont has done above. With the rosette? It could be a drawing, of course.

Local photographer, Keith Davis, has stunning pieces capturing the architecture of many state capitals.

I'm not sure he's photographed them all (and I guess I'm too lazy to find out) but it would be great to choose images from capitals that mean something to you. Or not, because I'm crazy about the first one here and I have absolutely no connection to Arkansas.
Images from top, Michael Smith, Houses, photography uncredited. I'm pretty sure this is right; no photo credit for page 24. Suzanne Kasler, Inspired Interiors, photography Erica George Dines; Albert Hadley, Albert Hadley, the Story of America's Preeminent Interior Designer, photography by Mary E. Nichols (Megan says I am a Hadley Head - guilty); Bruno de Caumont, Elle Decor, April 2010, photgraphy by Simon Upton; remaining images via Dolphin Gallery by Keith Davis.

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