Art Needlepoint

As I've mentioned (again and again) my love of needlepoint, both the product and the process, a few readers have emailed occasionally to say, "Hey, where do you find your projects?" Because, honestly, some canvases are a smidge dated. I've had a lot of my canvases painted by our local needlepoint shop, the Studio, but I fear not every one is so lucky as to have such a nice resource.

Except you do. On-line. Art Needlepoint has hundreds of amazing canvases - truly something for everyone. Some may look familiar, like Harrison Howard's design, top, or Anne Harwell's, above.

But there are lot of fresh patterns whether you are enhancing living room, child's room or den. These butterflies would be unbelievable finished.

Barbara Mangini's Fern on Indian Print could freshen the sunroom,

and Jane Parkes's designs

could add a graphic dash of style and color

to tired sofas everywhere.

Some canvases are sold as kits, regardless, Art Needlepoint is happy to pull yarn of any variety for your project. Custom specifications available. If you stitch quick you still have time to get a project completed by Christmas. That's what I'm hoping anyway.

All images courtesy of Art Needlepoint.