White Lightning

Geez, Louise, but it is hot and sticky here in Kansas City. I'm a warm weather fan, but this Indian Summer is wearing out its welcome.

I aimed to beat the heat inside but my quest for white wall inspiration led to Melissa Rufty and I ended up hot under the collar.

I think I've shied away from white walls in the past because I have such an itch to color outside the lines, but Rufty's rooms show that white can be just right. These spaces are anything but vanilla.

It helps, of course, that her furniture choices are so distinct; mine are not nearly so fine though what they lack in pedigree they do make up for in chutzpah.

Everything looks so crisp. Everything looks so clean.

Even when the upholstery is not as exuberant the look still goes, "pow!" Who needs colored walls? White is the answer!

Or turquoise. Oh, my.

I had a vision of Rufty's work that I spied on Style Court, here. All images courtesy of Melissa Rufty at MMR Interiors. She does tons more than white walls, in fact, she's in House Beautiful this month - check it out.