Black and White and Green All Over

A few months ago a dealer called and said, "I found some chairs you might like.  I thought I might clean them up myself, but if you want them I'll sell them to you."  At first I couldn't decide if they were better than my old chairs, or just different.  In the end I decided better.

Obviously, they needed to be painted.  The dealer thought they should stay light, as did the landscape designer, but the curtains may have a Miles Redd-inspired ruffle and I thought the sweetness of the room needed to be cut a little bit.  So I preceded to turn my dining room into a work room and, as Mr. Blandings is not me, he didn't say a peep.  For weeks.

Painting things black I got.  The gold detailing is more vexing than the entire wall project.  Times ten.

Still.  I am determined.

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