The One That Got Away

Barbara Farmer, from Parrin & Co., called me early this week and told me that she had seen a wonderful table at auction, and it made her think of me. (See, good things happen when you know your dealers. They look out for you.) So she bought it.

An absolutely stunning Tommi Parzinger dining table. Barbara thought it would look great in my dining room. Except she sold it. Before she even had a chance to call me. I totally understand. A willing bird in the hand is worth more than a flighty bird in the carpool line. I went to visit it anyway, I mean, wonderful is wonderful, sold or not.

As I worked my way up the block I ran into Christopher, who asked, "Have you seen the table? I wanted it for myself." This was serious. So we all stood there together and ohhed and ahhhed.
And then I moved on. One has to. She did have a terrific collection of the silver and enamel Reed & Barton bowls that I can't seem to get enough of. Not too long ago, Louis, a reader, let me know these are not Alexander Calder as he and I had previously believed. I found out from lovely Louis; he, sadly, found out through the grouchy Calder Foundation. I still love them.

And the table, if it's piqued your interest, has a twin on 1st dibs as we speak. Click now, these are going fast.